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Bill Burr Net Worth in 2020



Bill Burr Net Worth in 2020

Bill Burr Net Worth in 2020

Bill Burr early life

Bill Burr was born in Canton, Massachusetts, the United States on 10th June 1968. He is of Irish and German descent. His full name is William Frederic Burr. Burr spent much of his early life in Massachusetts Boston. After high school, he completed a bachelor’s degree in radio. He used to work in a warehouse before he started his career as a comedian.

Bill has many nicknames including Orange Vanilla, Billary Swank, Billy red face, Billy booze bag, Billy Copper Crotch, Billiterate and Ol Twinkle Toes.

As of 2020, Bill Burr’s net worth estimated is $12 Million.

Bill Burr Career

In the year 1992, Bill kick-started his comedy career. After two years, in 1994 he moved to New York City. In 2007, Bill Burr started recording an hour-long podcast which was done every week. In Bill Burr’s Monday Morning podcast, he shared his past and recent life’s experiences.

This included his tours, sports, his interests, and current events. He also answered the questions
of the listeners. His works are available on Bill Burr’s website, and on “All things comedy” network.

Bill’s success in the comedy world can be seen clearly; not only is he loved by the audience, but he is also one of the favorites amongst the fellow comedians. He has appeared in a lot of other comedian’s podcast, and as a guest on radio shows.

In addition, Bill’s voice was also featured in one of the top Rockstar games-GTA 4 as Jason Michael (a biker gang). Bill Burr has also started in a good number of films and shows which was premiered on Netflix.

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Bill Burr personal life

In 2013 Bill married actress and producer Nia Hill. Four years after their marriage, their daughter Lola was born in 2017. Bill enjoys a happy married life with his wife and daughter in Los Angeles. His wife Nia Hill appears as a guest on Burr’s podcasts occasionally.

Bill Burr Wife

Nia Renee Hill is the full name of Bill Burr’s wife. She is a black American actress and filmmaker. They got married in 2013.

Bill Burr Height

Bill Burr stands 1.78 meters tall or 5 foot 10 inches.

Bill Burr Age

Born in 1968, Bill Burr is now 51 years old.

Bill Burr movies and TV shows

Burr has started in a couple of films and TV shows, here is a complete list of those.


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